​​​​Wi-Fi Plug / GPRS Plug 

Plug series pluggable datalogger can support GPRS and Wi-Fi. With the advantages of IP65 protection level, simple installation, strong anti-interference ability,it is no need to configure power supply and antenna; it can support the remote control, remote debugging, remote upgrading and other functions of the device, and can view the working status and power generation of the device in real time, so as to provide users with a long-distance, low-cost, visual integrity Monitoring solution.
  • Private protocol, data verification, network disconnection and continuous transmission
  • Heartbeat detection, networking retry, automatic repair of device disconnection
Easy maintenance
Real-time monitoring
​​​​Equipment stability
​​​​Convenient installation
Data security
  • Remote monitoring through online platform
  • Use app, wechat mini program, H5 embedded web page and other clients to monitor data anytime and anywhere
  • Support Wi Fi, GPRS and other communication modes
  • Support RS-232, RS-485, TTL serial port to communicate with device
Strong compatibility
  • External plug-in type, screw fixed, plug and play
  • Take power directly from the device without external power supply
  • Built in LED with strong light transmittance, intuitive understanding of the working state
  • Remote control, remote debugging and remote upgrade are available
  • Support automatic identification and switching of multiple communication protocols
  • Undervoltage protection + lightning protection design, software watchdog + hardware watchdog
  • IP65 waterproof and dustproof, UV aging resistant, UV resistant, U0 flame retardant
  • Industrial grade device, workable in - 30 ℃ ~ + 85 ℃ for a long time
  • DC5 ~ 12V wide voltage design, built-in power supply reverse connection function
Product modelWi-Fi PlugGPRS Plug
Protection gradeIP65IP65
InstallationThrough the knob is fixed to the deviceThrough the knob is fixed to the device
Input voltage rangeDC 5~12VDC 5~12V
Maximum current500mA2A
External interfaceDB9/USBDB9/USB
Factory ResetSupportSupport
Operating temperature-30℃~+85℃-30℃~+85℃
Storage temperature-40℃~+90℃-40℃~+90℃
Local communication interfaceRS-485/RS-232RS-485/RS-232
Public network accessWi-FiGPRS
Baud rate9600bps(Default)9600bps(Default)
Working frequency2.412GHz-2.484GHzGSM880/EGSM900/PCS1800/PCS1900
Communication standardIEEE802.11b/g/nGPRS multi-slot class10 IS-95A/IS-95B/IS-2000
Maximum transmission rate72Mbps85.6Kbps
Communication distance100m(Open environment)Operator network
Maximum transmitted power18.5dBm(70mW)24dBm(250mW)
Antenna gain2.5dBi2.5dBi
AntennaBuilt-in antennaBuilt-in antenna
Traffic card--Nano card or Chip card
WatchdogSoftware watchdog + hardware watchdogSoftware watchdog + hardware watchdog
Equipment layer communication protocolModbus-RTUModbus-RTU
Network layer communication protocolModbus-TCPModbus-TCP
Way of parameter Settings

WebServer/APP/Remote server

SMS/Remote server
Firmware update wayRemote serverRemote server
Connection number11
Guarantee period2 years2 years(1 year flow)/5 years(5 years flow)