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Solar PV Monitoring Solution

Solution Introduction

Equipment is stable,

The hardware and software one-stop service

Unified platform, 

multiple clients optional

IOT Solution

Comprehensive monitoring, compatible with all brands and devices types

Data security, 

deployable private cloud

       Eybond research and development team is committed to the photovoltaic monitoring industry, and has developed a photovoltaic monitoring system that can be compatible with various types of data collectors of different brands and powerful SmartClient. The real-time monitoring and control of the relevant equipment in the photovoltaic industry has realized the remote monitoring online , tracking, status confirmation and control of the photovoltaic power station and the efficient and energy-saving operation. So as to improve the resource utilization and productivity level of photovoltaic power plant equipment, effectively improve the safety of equipment operation, task reliability and reduce the life cycle cost of the system, which is conducive to prevent the occurrence of malignant accidents of photovoltaic power generation equipment, avoid personal casualties and huge economic losses.

Network Operating System

Monitoring Center

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