NEMonitor System, based on the back-end server products of Eybond IOT cloud, provides users with application services such as data collection, analysis, calculation, storage, alarm push, peak cutting and valley filling, energy-saving strategy, etc. of energy storage device through cloud computing, big data, intelligent sensor and other advanced computing. Users can view the data of energy storage device through PC web page and mobile APP interface, and operate under the guidance of peak shaving and valley filling, power peak shaving, frequency modulation and voltage regulation.

PC Webside

Accurate statistics

Statistics are made for the multi latitude of device status, device distribution area, specific parameters, user online rate, etc.

Customized service

Users can customize the domain name, logo, app, wechat applet, etc. according to their own needs for their own photovoltaic monitoring products.

Rate Setting

Users can set the rates of power generation, power consumption and electricity sales to obtain accurate income.

Analysis of energy 


Through the statistics of energy consumption, the situation of energy consumption can be analyzed.

Account classification

According to different roles of users, the smartclient system provides account hierarchical management services. Customers can choose different account permissions according to their own needs, so as to manage the power station and related devices better.

User management

The management account can create sub account of lower level and assign different permissions to different accounts, so that EPC can manage lower level users and power station centrally.

Energy flow diagram

Display the energy flow diagram of energy storage device, intuitive to understand.

Device control

It can be used for remote control of device, such as switch, data debugging, firmware upgrade, etc.

Alarm push

Through the statistics of energy consumption, the situation of energy consumption can be analyzed.