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Light Management Solution

Solution Introduction
       With the continuous advancement of urban intelligence, energy-saving and environmental protection solar street lamps gradually replace the traditional street lamps.Because of this, the safety maintenance, monitoring and management of solar street lamps in cities are essential.In view of the issues such as wide scattered street lights, poor real-time monitoring and difficult maintenance of street lights, a perfect real-time street light monitoring system scheme is designed. The whole system uses the built-in module to complete the functions of data collection, transmission and processing, reduce the management cost, and achieve unattended. The intelligent street lamp system can realize the intelligent monitoring and management of the Internet of things for urban lighting, monitor and intelligently sense the working parameters and working status of the system device, realize the digital and refined monitoring and management of the devices, realize the digital control and management of the urban lighting energy, avoid the waste of the lighting energy, and save the lighting energy to the greatest extent.

IOT Solution


Energy consumption management

Support online monitoring and storage of energy consumption and configuration of energy saving strategies.

Single lamp control

Control street light switch, brightness adjustment, current collection, voltage collection, power calculation and power factor function.


Intelligent monitoring

Support remote monitoring and control through PC web page and mobile app.

Wireless network

NB-IOT, GPRS, LTE and other cellular networks are used from the device end to the cloud without wiring.

Fault management

Support the automatic reporting of fault information of street lamp, support the troubleshooting through the platform, and query the historical fault function

Big data analysis

Based on the massive data of the platform, the failure analysis and energy consumption analysis of street lamp can be carried out, which provides the basis for the maintenance of street lamp equipment, energy conservation and consumption reduction.

Network Operating System
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