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Energy Storage Management Solution

Solution Introduction
       Energy storage technology is an essential supporting technology for the development of smart grid, renewable energy access, distributed generation, micro grid and electric vehicles. Energy storage improves the consumption level of wind, light and other renewable energy, and supports distributed power and micro grid. It is the key technology to promote the replacement of main energy from fossil energy to renewable energy. It is also the core foundation to build energy Internet and promote the development of new energy formats.

IOT Solution

Peak shaving and valley filling
Real-time monitoring
Energy saving strategy
Precise statistics
Accurate statistics of energy storage equipment data according to different equipment agreements.
Energy storage management platform presents equipment status and data in real time.
Reduce equipment energy consumption and increase revenue through energy saving strategy.
By cutting peak and filling valley, the utilization rate of power generation equipment can be improved.

Network Operating System

Application Scenarios

Micro network system

The micro grid demonstration project

Without electricity region

Off-grid village



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