Shinemonitor System, based on the back-end server products of Eybond IOT cloud, provides users with application services such as power station management, equipment data acquisition, analysis, calculation, storage, alarm push, power station on-site video monitoring, etc. through advanced computing such as cloud computing, big data, intelligent sensor, etc. for the needs of photovoltaic remote monitoring. Users can use PC web page, mobile app, wechat applet, etc

The interactive interface can view the data of the power station, grasp the status of the power station in real time, and help the user improve the income.

PC Websides

Customized service

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Users can customize the domain name, logo, app, wechat applet, etc. according to their own needs for their own photovoltaic monitoring products.

Account classification

​​According to different roles of users, the smartclient system provides account hierarchical management services. Customers can choose different account permissions according to their own needs, so as to manage the power station and related devices better.

User management

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The management account can create sub account of lower level and assign different permissions to different accounts, so that EPC can manage lower level users and power station centrally.

Power station map

Users can view the specific location and distribution of the power station, and the app and wechat applet have navigation functions.

On site video monitoring

If users install our camera monitoring products, they can view the site conditions of the power station on the web page and app to ensure the safety of the power station.


Provide multi language switching function to facilitate global users to monitor their own photovoltaic power stations and photovoltaic devices.

GPRS recharge

The user can recharge the flow of the object-linked equipment of the datalogger on the smartclient system by himself, which is more convenient and faster, and reduces the impact of not getting the data of the power station due to the insufficient flow.

​Wechat Mini Program/H5

Device management

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The device manufacturer can carry out device remote control, device debugging, firmware upgrade and other operations on its own device and datalogger to ensure the stable operation of the device.

Alarm push

In case of alarm or failure of power station or device, the system will push to the user at the first time to reduce the loss.