PV Monitoring Center
       The Monitoring Center is a kind of solar PV monitoring system, combined with MagicBox Pro, it can collect, display, control, analyze and show the data chart by a monitor, projector, LED screen, or joint screen. With 7 level management design, customers can check the data of solar PV plants freely.

PV Monitoring Center support product

——MagicBox Pro

       MagicBox Pro is one of the key device to build a centralized control center. It collects data of local device through RS-485, or obtains data of cloud server through Ethernet (RJ-45), Wi-Fi and 4G, and displays monitoring data through display, projector, splicing screen, etc. It supports multi screen solutions such as 9 screens, 12 screens, 15 screens, etc., with fast layout, flexible debugging and generous interface.

Multi screen splicing design

Users can choose different themes of screen splicing and free combination according to their own needs.

Multiple presentation methods

Power station data can be presented by means of display, projector, LED screen or splicing screen, etc

Elegent and beautiful interface

Display data with charts and graphs, simple operation and clear data at a glance.

Split screen menu

Application Case