Energy saving strategy

Adopt scientific energy management concept to monitor, predict, analyze and manage energy to achieve energy saving effect.

Energy consumption management

Energy consumption recording, energy consumption analysis, energy consumption monitoring and other functions to reduce labor costs, reduce energy consumption and maximize energy revenue.


Industry Solutions

Energy Management Solution

Solution Introduction
       Eybond is committed to the energy industry, developed by itself can be compatible with a variety of types of different brands of data collector and powerful control can treasure energy management system. Related equipment for real-time monitoring and control of the energy industry, has realized the remote online monitoring of energy equipment, tracking, recognition and control and high efficiency and energy saving operation state. So as to improve the resource utilization ratio and productivity level of energy, improve the equipment operation safety, mission reliability and reduce the total life cycle cost.

IOT Solution


The equipment is installed with anti reverse current device to ensure that the electricity generated by the photovoltaic power generation system is consumed by the local load, and the redundant electricity will not be sent to the superior grid in reverse, thus realizing the purpose of grid connection on the demand side.

Fault management

Support the equipment to automatically report fault information, support troubleshooting through the platform, and query historical faults.

Network Operating System
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