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Industry Solutions

Eybond Iot Cloud Solution

What is Iot cloud?

       Eybond IOT cloud is a platform developed to solve the communication between equipment and equipment (or upper computer), and realize the functions of data transmission and equipment monitoring. If you need "software + hardware" supporting services, we can provide a one-stop solution; if you have hardware resources, we can also provide private deployment services. Eybond IOT cloud is a server back-end product independently developed by Eybond. Aiming at the energy industry, it collects, analyzes, calculates and stores equipment data, and provides data display interface to support the diversified display of equipment data by splitting clients, so as to meet the various needs of remote monitoring and operation of the energy IOT industry.

0 programming to realize remote monitoring quickly

IOT Solution

Internet of things cloud configuration
Internet of things private cloud
Internet of things cloud switch

One stop equipment data acquisition, remote control, alarm push, statistical report, etc.

Support private cloud deployment, let customers have their own IOT monitoring platform

Server transfers remote equipment data to realize point-to-point data transparent transmission.

Plan advantage

Private cloud deployment

       It can be deployed to the user's own server, run independently from the server, and set up to any server. Provide private cloud deployment solutions according to customer needs, and build independent, reliable, secure and private software systems for customers.

The hardware and software integration solutions

       Industrial Internet of things cloud switch + industrial Internet of things communication expert = perfect software and hardware integration solution, you only need to connect the hardware and provide functional requirements, the rest is our work. Eybond provides its own proprietary hardware, which is perfectly compatible with transparence cloud, saving your worries.

Customized development

       Eybond has rich experience in monitoring the energy IOT industry. You only need to raise the demand and leave the rest to us. At the same time, we have rich software products related to energy IOT industry. Users can choose our products and customize their own domain name logo, app, wechat applet and manager account.

Support all kinds of network access module

       Specially designed for industrial application, different application modes are selected according to user application scenarios, which solves the problem of remote data interaction between software and serial port server, Wi-Fi / GPRS / 4G / Lora / NB-IOT / Ethernet, and realizes data collection and control of industrial Internet of things.