​​​​Wi-Fi DTU/GPRS DTU/Ethernet DTU 

DTU series industrial series collector can support communication modes such as Wi-Fi, GPRS, 4G and Ethernet, and collect device data through various interfaces such as RS-485 and RS-232. It has low requirements for the hardware interface and transmission environment of the device, and is perfectly compatible with inverter, energy storage machine, environmental monitor instrument and other device of various brands. It can support transparent transmission mode or at instruction mode to transmit to the development server, and allow the user to redevelop the data collector for customization and build the server independently.
  • Undervoltage protection + lightning protection design, software watchdog + hardware watchdog
  • IP65 waterproof and dustproof, UV aging resistant, UV resistant, U0 flame retardant
  • Industrial grade device, workable in - 30 ℃ ~ + 85 ℃ for a long time
  • DC5 ~ 12V wide voltage design, built-in power supply reverse connection function
​​​​Equipment stability
Data security
  • Remote control, remote debugging and remote upgrade are available
  • Support automatic identification and switching of multiple communication protocols
  • Remote monitoring through online platform
  • Use app, wechat mini program, H5 embedded web page and other clients to monitor data anytime and anywhere
  • Support Wi Fi, GPRS, Ethernet and other communication modes
  • Support RS-232,RS-485 serial port to communicate with device
  • Support TCP and UDP two passthrough channel
  • Compatible with multi brand and multi type equipment (inverter, combiner box, environmental monitor, ammeter, etc.)
Strong compatibility
​​​​Convenient installation
  • Private protocol, data verification, network disconnection and continuous transmission
  • Heartbeat detection, networking retry, automatic repair of device disconnection
  • Quick installation, flatwise and wall hanging are available
  • Dual power supply design, can be external power supply, can also take power from the device
  • Equipped with 4-way indicator light, intuitive understanding of the working state
Real-time monitoring
Easy maintenance
Product modelWi-Fi RTUGPRS RTUEthernet RTU
Protection gradeIP21IP21IP21
InstallationFixed on the wall, floor or waterproof caseFixed on the wall, floor or waterproof caseFixed on the wall, floor or waterproof case
Rated voltageDC 5~12VDC 5~12VDC 5~12V
Maximum current500mA(5V)2A(5V)500mA(5V)
Indicator light444
Operating temperature-30℃~+85℃-30℃~+85℃-30℃~+85℃
Storage temperature-40℃~+90℃-40℃~+90℃--40℃~+90℃
Local communication interfaceRS-232/RS-485RS-232/RS-485RS-232/RS-485
Public network accessWi-FiGPRSEthernet
Baud rate9600bps(Default)9600bps(Default)9600bps(Default)
Working frequency2.412GHz~2.484GHzGSM850/EGSM900/PCS1800/PCS1900--
Communication standardIEEE802.11b/g/nGPRS multi-slot class10 IS-95A/IS-95B/IS-2000

IEEE 802.3u

Maximum transmission rate72Mbps85.6Kbps10Base-T/100Base-TX
Communication distance100m(Open environment)Operator network100m
Maximum transmitted power18.5dBm(70mW)24dBm(250mW)--
Antenna gain2.5dBi2.5dBi--
AntennaRod antenna/extend antennaRod antenna/extend antenna--
Traffic card--Nano card or Chip card--
WatchdogSoftware watchdog + hardware watchdogSoftware watchdog + hardware watchdogSoftware watchdog + hardware watchdog
Way of parameter SettingsAT instruction setAT instruction setAT instruction set
Connection channel2 TCP channel2 channel(TCP/UDP)3 channel(TCP/UDP)
Connection number1/5/101/5/101/5/10
Guarantee period2 years2 years(1 year flow)/5 years(5 years flow)2 years