System Summarizing

EB-System is based on networking, cloud computing, big data and other new technologies, from the device to the data collector, and then to the cloud server, and finally to the client of the integrated operation and management system, which combines wireless and wired data transmission, depth excavation and analysis of data and real time objective display the running state of the equipment, the monitoring operation and maintenance management provide powerful support


Client layer

Man-machine interface, data presentation and modified, it is terminal

Mobile Client

PC Client

Server layer

The data warehouse, data analysis and mining, it is the center

Cloud Server

local Server

Data collection layer

Data collection device, continuity, it is the hub

Intelligent Gateway

Data Acquisition

Data Acquisition

Data Acquisition

Device adaptation layer

Monitored and controlled object in the system,it is target

System Characteristics

EB-System can achieve a variety of hardware products to collect all aspects of the data of
monitor operation and maintenance objects
, To provide real and reliable data base for monitoring operation and maintenance of data mining analysis, These data are transferred to the cloud server for storage and analysis,Finally, users can easily and quickly understand the operation of the operation and maintenance of the object by client, and can be set, control and maintenance.


Hardware adopts industrial-grade components, design life of 10 years.

Server using a complete communications security, power is continuingly, disaster recovery strategy.


Provides a full range of products and services from the data collection to the server to the client.

Provide management support from business, products, solutions and services.


Multi network model is applicable to different scenarios, multi class monitoring operation and maintenance of the object can be accessed.

Modular design, easy to expand the new function and new business scenario.


Independent third party system.

Accurate data, objective analysis, contribute to scientific decision-making.


System network automatically, without user Settings.

Maintenance convenient, only mobile terminals can view and set on the system.


Provide data presentation, data analysis, management advice, intelligent control and other support.

Provide monitoring, operation and maintenance of multi-level management support.

Composition product

Cloud Server layer

Client layer

Data collection layer

Device adaptation layer

Near-field data collection

Within 5 kilometers of wireless 

data acquisition

Operator network wireless 

data acquisition

Wi-Fi Kit

RF Kit


Wireless intelligent configuration

Portable monitoring

Large screen monitor display

One key charging

Modular design

PV monitoring operation and 


Charging pile operation




Intelligence collection, high cost 


Central control host, magic expansion

Industrial routing, intelligent



CloudServer for Solar   

CloudServer for Charge